About Us

Antonio F Do Rosario and Jose Menino Do Rosario

Al Zuari is made up if an expert team of individuals, each excelling in their own areas offering drilling and shipping companies the best of solutions for their rigs and vessels clearances, insurance of seaman and visit visas, customs documentation, transportation of crew and personnel, and we focus on delivering quality service to our clients. Our vision to provide unsurpassed service is driven by Mr.Antonio Florencio Do Rosario with two decades of solid experience in the marine arena behind him.

Antonio F Do Rosario – Founder & Managing Director

Antonio Do Rosario started Al Zuari Shipping Co. LLC in 1989 after working in the Oilfield industry for over a decade. He started his career in 1978 with Bahrain Marine Contracting in Manama, Bahrain as a Shipping Assistant and was transferred to the company’s UAE office in 1982. His decades of experience and goodwill with people in various departments of the immigration, customs and seaports go a long way in our day to day interactions with them.

A dynamic gentleman with the energy of a workhorse,he never quits until the job is done. Be it the immigration formalities of vessels to clear them into Ports or even providing transport to crew or personnel at 2:00am in the morning. His resilience and dedicated personality has won over the many clients we have with us today and who chose to stay with us over the years. He’s single-handed responsibility in building Al Zuari from what it was,to the organization it is today is beyond comparison.

With his vibrant team, Mr Antonio now offers round-the-clock service for rigs and vessels from small companies to international corporations entering and exiting Sharjah Port, Port Rashid – Dubai and Jebel Ali Port. He uses hes broad background and vast experience with Sharjah Port Authority, Port Rashid – Dubai and Jebel Ali Port Authority to cater to the needs of each and every rig and vessel visiting these ports under our agency using the resources he has steadily gained over the years.

Jose Menino Do Rosario – Managing Partner

Jose Menino was appointed Managing Partner of Al Zuari Shipping Co. LLC in 1999. He is responsible for the day to day management of the business as well as setting the vision and strategy of the company.

Jose graduated from Sardar Patel College of Engineering in Mumbai, India and qualified as a Bachelor of Engineering, serving with Al Zuari Shipping Co. LLC as a Computer Systems Administrator before taking over as Managing Partner in 1999.

Under his management the company has opened 2 additional branches in Dubai and The Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone to better serve the company’s clients using Dubai and HFZ for their operations.

An ardent Motoring enthusiast, he ensures that all Al Zuari vehicles are not more than 24 months with special care being giving to their timely maintenance at the authorized dealer. This ensures that transporting our clients from/to Shipyards/Training/Medicals/Hotels/Airports which is almost 50% of our business goes without a hitch. Jose has also implemented a GPS Tracking System on all company vehicles to ensure that we are aware of our company vehicles’ speed, time, position, etc. at all times.

Al Zuari also has its own Microsoft SQL based accounting software to ensure that all invoicing and payments are done in a timely manner.